365 GTC/4 SF

When I acquired the car it was holding a valid,current Ministry of Transport Test certificate & should have been road legal.This was not the case & brake lights, direction indicators only functioned intermittently & the condition of the headlamps were poor & functioned below required test standard.

The silvering on the  headlamp reflectors was so  badly corroded the MOT tester had obviously not paid any attention to this& several other relevant items.

It was clear that with a diligent inspection the routine  annual  inspection would have resulted  in failure  on this & quite a few  other items.

Since my acquisition every single  part of the electrical system has since been subject to specialist overhaul, repair, or replacement as detailed below.Some of these items were very difficult to source especially for RHD cars.

Headlamp motors, mountings, hinges & attachments before  after gentle blasting & repainting. Motors were overhauled by a specialist company to ensure simultaneous operation of both headlamp pods. I have no idea of what the motors originally looked like but the residue of paint suggested silver & satin black.

The headlamp pod motors were out of sync lifted up at a different rates.The drivers side pod was especially slow & I was not sure wouldachieve the raised position.The motors have now been rebuilt & the various parts cleaned.greased & repainted. Installation & alignment of the headlamp pods proved tricky. Installation & adjustment of the pods without damaging the new paintwork is a two man job.

Starter  Motor
Marelli MT21T-1.8
Starter motor drive: ICRA RIF 87

Foot well fans 
Smiths Industries, England

I stripped these these fans  apart because  their exposure to the elements had rusted them quite badly & they ran weakly.I have replaced the motor brushes & lubricated the bearings.After repainting them they look fine & are much more effective.

Wiper Motor
Lucas Industries, England. 
Type :54077138
12v 16W with Park facility

The wiper motor was really slow due to a combination of age & the condition of grease. I stripped the motor apart, replaced the bushes & the motor bearing & replaced the grease with a suitable lithium  based product.The operation is much improved but not so you would want to be out in  really heavy rain!!

Ignition distributor
Marelli S129E
12 cylinder twin coil

4 x sets of points ,
Two level contact rotor arm Phased & dwell set 
Sun 504 distributor machine

Ignition components are Marelli and the system operates through a twelve cylinder, twin coil  distributor cap, It can been clearly seen that there are alternate cylinder contacts at two levels.The white  numbers refer to the lower level contacts & yellow to  the upper level contacts. The twin level rotor arm is a substantial unit shown right.

Ignition Coils 
Marelli  BZR 201,  Twin coils.

There is a ballast resistor on the front of each coil to improve & stabilise coil performance & facilitate staring.

These were checked out by a local company & were in perfect working order

Spark Plugs
Champion N6Y
Replacement:NGK BP7ES

Air Horns
Fiamm 12v.

The horn compressor was non functional due to lack of oil. I filled the oil reservoir & tried it daily until it freed. Once  free it just needs to be both used & oiled regularly

The  red  paint on the  trumpets  was peeling badly & I  stripped back to the metal  which was shiny chrome.I roughened the surface with  emery paper & used an acid etch primer  before repainting  original red

Rear Stop/tail lights: Carello
Rear indicators: Carello
Number plate lights: Carello

Reversing light: Carello


The headlights were extremely difficult to find for use on a RHD car. The major sources  i.e U.S.A. &  Europe use lamps for left hand drive cars (circulazione destra) & I needed lamps for a RHD car (circulazione sinistra drive on the left) I luckily found a pair of NOS  lamps for a RHD car in Tokyo.They were the correct lamps with provision to take a parking light bulb part number 05.244.816.

Driving lamps:

I have two correct Carello driving lamps plus the protective covers  to replace the rusty incorrect  ones fitted on the car when I got it.

Front  direction indicators :
Carello (amber)

I am not sure of the original vehicle source of these units but I am certain they are not only for this Ferrari. Looking at their fit & shape the body must have been formed to fit the light & not vice versa.

Every principal circuit is assisted by a suitable relay  as the relay board shows.

This schematic is by Wil Stevenson of Seattle, USA.All these relays are stock FIAT 4200798 units& readily available.There are other relays in the electrical system but these units are fitted  on the relay  board under the passenger side scuttle on a RHD car.

Radiator fans 
Marelli MTX 7B 80W. 12V.

I have stripped these fans & replaced the motor bushes. They now work perfectly & I have repainted the casings & fan blades

Marelli GCA 115A  

Overhauled by specialist electrical motor repair company


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